A collaborative, exploratory music project.

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What is Addertongue?

Addertongue is a musical project produced by Nathan Moody, which creates music inspired by psychedelia, space rock, kosmische, early synthesizer music, and more. Featuring a rotating cadre of amazing musicians with a zeal for experimentation, Addertongue explores the inner and outer spaces that connects us all.

Whys and Wherefores

Addertongue is a studio project. We do not perform live. We explore sound and ideas in iterative ways and ask you to always enjoy our recordings. We hope it takes you somewhere special.

Our work is released through the record label Studio Obsidian, which also handles all press, PR, marketing, and visuals. Get in touch with Studio Obsidian for any of these matters.

Our lineup of amazing contributors shifts constantly, including music equipment designers, game audio sound designers, audio editors, and of course musicians of all stripes.

Addertongue is the brainchild of Studio Obsidian label head and musician/composer Nathan Moody. Unless otherwise stated, this is all his fault.

Latest News


Debut Album Announcement

Our debut album as Addertongue, Far Is Near, will be released on 22 June 2021 on Studio Obsidian. Pre-orders are now open on Bandcamp, and it will appear on streaming services